Wine & enjoyment

at Weindilla

A location entirely for you alone

Are you looking for an exclusive and special location for your celebration? Then you have found the right spot here at our WEINDILLA on the first floor of Hühnersteign. This is where special wines and a fine selection of meals meet and create enough space for up to 20 people - unique enjoyment and mountain moments included!

But our WEINDILLA is not just a special spot for celebrations. As it is located directly on the ski slope, it also makes a perfect location for a relaxed lunch or dinner with friends, family or for small company outings. A little away from the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy a private retreat and enough space for enjoyment from kitchen and cellar. On top of that, there is the awe-inspiring panorama all around!

Reserve your place at our WEINDILLA exclusively for yourself and enjoy wonderful hours. We would be happy to provide you with a wide variety of catering options servet at our WEINDILLA. We look forward to your visit!


Life is far too short to drink bad wine


  • A location entirely

    for you alone

    No matter if you are celebrating a special day or just want to enjoy a relaxing day of skiing with your loved ones, this is exactly what we offer here at WEINDILLA. Surrounded by excellent wines in a modern and elegant atmosphere, you can experience true wine enjoyment up close. Additionally, we serve our tasty “Marend” snack, hearty farmer's platters, various fondues or juicy steaks fresh from the grill ... the possibilities are endless and the choice is all yours!

  • Bookable exclusively

    for up to 20 people

    Our WEINDILLA makes a truly outstanding place for festivities and special days. A little away from the hustle and bustle, there is enough space for up to 20 people. A room that invites you to enjoy your day by overlooking the majestic mountain summits through the floor-to-ceiling windows. This is where wine and enjoyment meet by creating an atmosphere that invites you to come back.